Welcome to the law-share network

The law-share network is an online platform for law students, lawyers and other legal professionals to search, download and collaborate on law-related data products such as case comments, class summaries, essays, factum, templates/forms and agreements.

The law-share network will:

  • Create opportunities for legal professionals to share their work products without having to get direct permission
  • Save time and money by not having to reinvent the wheel for common work products
  • Provide geographically-disparate and rural professionals the ability to access a vast storehouse of common legal resources
  • Showcase the skills of professionals who participate regularly to their peers and potential employers/clients
  • Provide higher level of legal services to the public by increasing time spent on substantive services
  • Allow lawyers and law students to stay current with industry standards and trends

The basic idea behind applying an open development model to law is very simple. When legal professionals can read, redistribute, and modify the content of a particular legal data product, the product evolves. Lawyers improve it; lawyers adapt it; lawyers fix mistakes. Participating in the law-share network benefits both your clients and your firm’s bottom line.

Are you new to the practice of law? Join the law-share network and gain access to the legal experience and work products of hundreds of other lawyers, professionals and law students.

In a time where sharing of legal data products is becoming the standard, the law-share network helps connect legal professionals: avoid reinventing the wheel.